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Whitewater Valley Paranormal Society is a group of like-minded people who have had experiences with the paranormal, or who have an interest in making sense of some phenomena that seem to be unexplainable. We began the society in September 2011, which is an off-shoot of the Southeast Indiana Paranormal Society, to begin investigating some paranormal activity that has been reported over the years in the historical canal town of Metamora, Indiana. We will be investingating other areas in and around the Whitewater Valley area. Many of our investigations are local to the Whitewater River Valley area, however, there are some that are a result of some of our travels. We welcome stories and photos from others in the area who would like to share their experiences

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Metamora Ghost Walk Tours Were a HUGE SUCCESS!

The ghost walk tours on October 28 & 29 in Metamora, Indiana were a huge success!  We had a lot of people who were quite surprised by the stories they heard, the spirits that still linger, and the photos of orbs and energy anomalies that they captured. 

On Friday, October 28 we had a Ball State grad, Logan, who was making a documentary film about Metamora, follow our tour and film our entire investigation.  Logan promised to share the film footage with us, so we will be sure to post some clips from it in the near future.  Until then, we thought we would share some of the awesome photos we have had submitted to us from some of the people who went on the ghost walk tour (see our photo albums in the right side menu).

Saturday, October 29 we had a great group of people on the tour.  We did a lot more walking around outside, so some of our fingers and toes were a bit frozen.  By the time we got back to the Meeting House and another log was thrown on the fire, we all settled in nice and snug for a showing of "Metamora Ghosts Caught in Action", the Whitewater Valley Paranormal Society's presentation of anomalies captured during our investigations of Metamora, Indiana.


Think Spirits Aren't Real?

If you think dis-embodied spirits don't exist - think again! Check out this video by Baxter King, of some of the world's best examples of ghosts caught on film. Are these photos and videos real or fakes? You decide!

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